“REALITY: It is fluid and tangible. Your mouth becomes a tender ritual of enforcing reality through language. Let us enforce it, reiterate the repulse. Pulse in pulsing a new mind work, a new way of expanding reality and contracting it with performance. Contract your mind with a performance.

IMPROVISATION: As a cure to the culprit intention, improvisation is the new presence. All glory, as purity, the new threat of constant thought. Mind as mind,travelling in glory through momentum moment and instant instance, free to extend outside of mental periphery. Ghost like an ephemeral, ghost like a decision. It happens. It happens, outside. It happens outside. It happens inside of us.

GAY SEX: It is his flesh that took me here. It is he, the him he his body and mind taking me. Our breath, our fluids, symbols of force inside us. Transcendent bodies can not hold. Gay sex as performance art, a dual body of pressure pleasure holding forces inevitably. The bare principal of sexuality, the bare bodies and kissing.”

Colin Self is an artist and performer currently living in Brooklyn, New York. He attended The Evergreen State College and graduated in May with his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As a feminine force, Colin Self creates powerful performance dialects for trans-cultural bodies, teaching new techniques for owning sexuality, gender, and identity. As he delivers reified incarnations of pop media, he portrays futures for humanity. His work evocatively activates emotion and body to extend performativity upon his audience, and increases the spectrum for possible future leaders and culture keepers. Colin is currently working on a full length album and will embark on a European musical tour this fall.

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