light bringer

light bringer 

i dream of rivers reversing

of forests burning

of a cement swamp no

more birds 

away birds! away birds!

this is no home for you

the towers are death 

i cry sometimes when

i look at the moon her

face a silent scream

stretching over the lake

you said that was



i came looking for a home

i found a place to stay

the sound of the train horn

makes me dream of


i spoke to you last night

your breath was a burst

of gold dust glittering

blinding burning my eyes

i laughed my breath was


spilling on my toes 

we talked about the void

our legs dangled

the moon was lost i looked

for your hand

your arms were crossed 

on my way home (just a place to stay)

a sparrow fell, bewildered

tiny spasms it died

i looked up the moon

was god’s eye i couldn’t hide


Noah Ivey is a whiny little bitch trying to filter the world through tar black glasses. He may never finish school and is content working for less than minimum wage. if you see him on the streets give him a sandwich, he doesn’t eat enough. don’t give him money though, he’ll just blow it on Jack Daniels and DMT. See more of Noah’s work in CHICAGO IRL #1.