She took one hand and cupped her breast, squeezing it subtly. Then pinching the very tip of her nipple, until she let out a small cry of excitement. She ran her hand down her rib cage and up and down the curve of her hips. The boy had entered the room quietly and had been watching her delight in her curvy, full body. His whole body flushed with warmth.

From ‘Erotica – an exerpt’ by Katia Piza (@katiapiza) freelances in the music industry. She has worked with SXSW, C3 Presents: Lollapalooza, and BMF Media. She is the managing editor and writer of Mezzic, a music website dedicated to interviews with artists, reviews of albums, shows and concert photography. She also is a contributor for Radio Free Chicago. When not freelancing you can find her at your local neighborhood dive bar with a whiskey in hand, making eyes at a boy with a beard.

See more of Katia’s work in CHICAGO IRL #1!

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